Whistlepig Piggyback Small Batch Bourbon

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ABV: 50% | Proof: 100

“PiggyBack 100 Proof Bourbon gives a bold approach to whiskey a sweeter spin.

Born from our signature grain’s other half, it starts with a high Corn mash bill (keeping a dash of Rye of course). Six long years of age in Char #3 barrels adds layers of flavor before bottling at 100 Proof, so you can keep it 100 whether you choose Bourbon or Rye.

Sip it neat or shake it in a classic. With its sweeter profile, PiggyBack 100 Proof Bourbon shines in citrus and sour drinks – like our Barrel Aged Maple Bourbon Sour.”

Nose: Caramel corn partnered with oak notes.
Palate: Maple and vanilla with a creamy mouth feel.
Finish: Herbal tea with a hint of honey.