Just a little more info….

Do you do weddings?


Been there, Done that, got the T-shirt.

Do You Service Only The Waterloo Region?

No, for photography purposes I have travelled as far as Windsor, Toronto and even Muskoka to meet my clients requirements. Each job will be assessed and quoted appropriately for travel. For design or photo editing, I service internationally. All funds must be paid in either $Canadian or $US.

Must I Pay in Advance?

I assess each job on an individual basis. Call us today and we can discuss terms.

Do you have any special offers?

As stated earlier I assess each job individually, we can discuss pricing and your requirements. I will consider special pricing for some non-profits and charities.

Will you work on my website on your own, bypassing Web Geeks for better pricing.

No. My contract with Web Geeks does not allow me to do work on your site, however we’ll be glad to direct you to a contact with Web Geeks to assess your needs and provide a solution.


242 Union St E
Waterloo, ON,
N2J 1E2