Daryl Knarr

Photographer, Designer

Daryl has been part of the Webgeeks.com team for over a decade, including roles from office administrator, customer service, general manager to web developer.  His job has helped him to hone his graphic and PhotoShop skills which have contributed to his skill sets for his photo work and for his galleries. Web Geeks specializes in websites, marketing and customer service for medium sized businesses, large clubs and organizations, as well as churches and other ministries.

In the life of photographer Daryl Knarr, seeking, framing, and capturing exceptional life moments on camera has always been a heart-level pursuit. The story really begins with Daryl – a curious young man – and his “Rocket” camera*, making photographs that, at the time, may have reflected the heart of his young man in much the same way his current work – nearly a half-century later – still reflects his heart, along with those blessed to share in his dynamic and thoughtful work.

Daryl’s love of nature can be said to inspire his photographs that capture the great outdoors; certainly this is true of all great nature photographers. But his desire for the simpler things of life, for walking at a different pace than that set by the world, lays the foundation for his artistic integrity, and brings depth and beauty that captivates.

Daryl grew up and lives in Waterloo, ON Canada, and has been married to his best friend Susan for over 35 years. They have 2 grown children, Sarah and Josh. Sarah and her husband Michael, live in the Muskoka area with 3 daughters. Many of Daryl’s landscapes and nature come out of this picturesque area while visiting the area. Josh and his wife Jess live locally and have one daughter.

His faith, family and friends have been an integral part of his life and he will be the first to state how blessed both he and Susan have been. Growing up, his church youth groups and summer camp friends were very important influences on who he is today and helped him develop the leadership skills he uses both at work and at church. Although it seems a lot of his time is now spent behind a mouse & keyboard, his true passions are listening to good music and spending time out of doors, fishing, cottaging, aircraft spotting and photography.


242 Union St E
Waterloo, ON,
N2J 1E2